DIRECTV for Business

Show every game, every time, and make sure you never lose a customer because you're not showing their event.

Are you looking to expand entertainment options for the guests and customers in your business? Do attractions like major sports events bring traffic into your establishment, help customers stay longer and make your business a go-to gathering place? We've helped countless businesses expand their entertainment offerings and drive more business by never having to say "sorry, we don't have that channel" to customers.

Bring Entertainment, Drive Revenue

Everyone knows the crowds driven by showcasing major sporting events. But if you want to drive steady traffic, you need to have access to non-headline games and matches that passionate fans are seeking out. With DIRECTV, you can feature NFL, MLB, MLS, NHL, NBA, PGA, USTA and so much more. Establish a schedule of sporting events, promote it and watch the difference as your establishment becomes the local destination for live events.

Entertainment for Any Business

Whether you run a bar, a gym, a restaurant or a retail store, DIRECTV has the options to keep your guests entertained and to provide a draw, with options for sports, movies, local and national news, and so much more. Provide a fantastic picture that will leave your customers saying "Wow!" and with HD programming options, impress them even further. And if along with your entertainment upgrade you need any help wiring your business for sound or video, we do that too!

DIRECTV provides a number of packages based on your needs and your customers' needs. Explore our packages at the link below.

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