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Whole House Audio

Premier Sound Satellite & Security will turn your home into the go-to entertainment stop for family and friends to appreciate.

It all comes back to sound. Whether it’s movies, gaming or music, sound is what makes the experience. We integrate sound throughout your home, with both wired and wireless applications. And for outdoor spaces, we provide outdoor sound solutions to help give that outdoor cookout or backyard pool party extra atmosphere. Get whole house audio today.

Wired or Wireless Sound

You may find that if you’re building a new house or renovating an existing one, the best choice is to fully conceal your speakers and wires in your walls and ceilings. This works best for homeowners who want the system to be thoroughly embedded into their home and have even distribution of sound. That said, for anyone who’s working with their current construction and not opening up any walls, wireless systems can achieve many of the same benefits. Installation and setup can occur in a short time frame. Not only are there no bulky receivers, you often have the flexibility to carry a wireless speaker from one room to the next. And, should you end up moving, the whole system can go with you rather than being a permanent part of your home.

Revolutionize with Whole House Audio

Audio and video distribution systems today offer great performance, convenience, efficiency and flexibility. Imagine your home with multiple audio and video sources available in unlimited locations, with control via touch screens and handheld remote controls and apps. With this type of control we can centralize all your equipment, saving space and resources as well as simplifying use, and improving reliability. Combined with space-saving flat screen televisions, we no longer require equipment located at every screen in your home. And today, home speakers have reached new levels of performance. Do you need someone to help tie all this technology together in your home? We have all the latest technology and expertise to design and install your new whole house audio system, and tie it into the rest of your home so you can take advantage of it with ease.

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