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TV Mounting

Professionally mount your television and create a beautiful entertainment centerpiece, turning any room into a media room.

If you care about the aesthetics of your living room or media room, you probably agree that a large television just doesn’t belong on the top of a table. Not when it can be mounted to the wall, securely and sleekly, with our TV mounting services. Mounted televisions add to your room’s decor instead of contributing to clutter. Large flat-screen televisions today are almost like works of art, with trendy designs, modern lines and curves, and covering multiple feet of wall space.

Invisible TV Mounting Integration

We not only help complement your room’s interior design–we’re also able to integrate your media inputs and speaker outputs seamlessly. We work to hide wires and cables however feasible, whether in the wall itself, or secured within a subtle wire channel. Our expert technicians can handle the whole job, meaning you don’t need to risk damaging your television or your wall by attempting the installation yourself. We can also clearly explain the features and adjustments possible with your particular mount, so you can adjust the television on your own with confidence. Many of our clients have custom needs like over-the-fireplace TV installation, or installation on other nontraditional mounting surfaces. Give us a call today and we can discuss how to turn any area of your home into your ideal media room.

We’re Here to Help

If you’re still looking at what options would best fit your room, give us a call to discuss. We’d love to help you choose the perfect television for your space. The benefit of speaking with a professional before your purchase is that you can limit the number of surprises and headaches you encounter. We’ve done countless jobs and can answer any questions you may have: about what televisions might be best-suited for your purchases, what brackets are necessary for the weight and size of the television you’re considering, whether you should consider a soundbar or a fuller external speaker system, and so much more.

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