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Control4 systems allow you to create a home that follows your commands, where every device is linked together and can be controlled remotely, and is fully automated. The systems can power your home theater, shading, security, audio, heating and cooling, and more!

Control4 Home Automation Solutions

Let us help transform your home into a smart home.

  • Home Theater: Build a state-of-the-art home theater, connected to your entire movie collection and streaming services, all controlled by a single easy-to-use remote and tied into your Control4 system. With one tap, the shades close, lights dim and audio turns to “home theater mode” for your cinematic enjoyment.
  • Security: The system allows you to integrate your home’s security systems with your universal Control4 interface. Watch the security cameras in your home remotely, and arm your alarm from anywhere. Get peace of mind.
  • Lighting: Get the perfect lighting environment throughout your home with Control4 lighting control and shading systems. Whether your goal is saving energy or effortless, one-touch control, this home automation can power your lighting environment to make it happen.

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