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Upgrade your home with Lutron smart lighting and shading solutions.

With Lutron, you have the potential to use smart lighting and shading to change the entire environment of your home. With simple controls and remote access, set up one-touch systems that allow you to save time, energy and money, while creating a custom lighting environment and making better use of natural light.

Lutron Lighting & Shading

We help repurpose your home to take advantage of sunlight and better leverage natural light. But that’s just the beginning. With Lutron shading and lighting systems, you get control over lighting systems throughout your home. With the touch of an app from anywhere, you can adjust lighting and shading (great for making it look like you’re home when you’re not!). And to make your everyday routines easier, you can set up one-touch actions to raise or lower shades throughout your entire home, or dim the lights throughout your home in the evening. Increase privacy, reduce energy usage and add atmosphere to your home with Lutron. Ask us how!

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