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Laundry Jet

Revolutionize your home with the Laundry Jet, a vacuum-powered laundry chute.

Unlike standard laundry chutes, you do not need to have a multi-level home for the Laundry Jet to take your clothing from point A to point B. The jet’s vacuum moves laundry from installed ports in desired rooms to your home’s laundry room.

The chute offers a safe and convenient way to get your dirty clothes, sheets, and towels out of sight and ready to wash. Want to return clean laundry back to a certain room of the house? A Return Unit makes life even easier.

Laundry Jet Benefits

  • Available for multi- and single-level homes
  • Moves laundry up to 200 feet
  • Use for clothes, sheets, and towels
  • Vacuum power turns off when not in active use, saving energy
  • Install at heights that work for your family

Product Options

Laundry Jet Plus

  • Top-of-the-range model
  • Install in custom cabinetry

Slide Port

  • Fully automatic port
  • Hand-free use

Laundry Jet Swift

  • Entry level model
  • Wall mounted

Return Unit

  • Compatible with all units
  • Keeps clean laundry clean via a separate pipe

iSense Port

  • Fully automatic port
  • Hand-free use

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