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Home Theaters

We work with homeowners to create the perfect entertainment space, from dedicated home theaters to multi-purpose media rooms.

We design custom entertainment environments that get the most out of the space we’re working with: from casual, comfortable living room environments that transform into media rooms featuring in-wall speakers, an integrated projector and a retractable projection screen; to full-blown dedicated home theaters that faithfully reproduce the visuals and sound of the cinema experience.

Bringing the Cinema Home

Today’s home theaters can replicate much of what you’ve come to expect from the movie-going experience. Adding cinema-quality sound and definition in your home theater has never been easier than today, with high-definition projectors, state-of-the-art projection screens and powerful audio, creating a fully immersive experience. We work to carefully calibrate the video and audio for the space you’re installing in. Along with specialty home theater furniture, your dedicated home theater can replicate and even surpass the movie-going experience.

Your Dreams Brought to Life

It’s not just a room with a projector and a screen. It’s a place where family and friends can gather and escape for a couple hours. The magic all begins with a carefully designed space. Our home theater experts provide all of the ground work and detailed design to help bring your idea alive. We’ve designed and consulted on countless home theaters, from premium to media room to small-scale. Transform any room in your home into a brand-new custom home theater. Call us for a consultation, and let us help you plan your space and bring your dream to life!

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